Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hyper DGAF

the "neon & time travel is always DGAF" edition

Hyper Crush is a band from LA/the 80s/videogameland, and they don't give a FUCK.

There's three members: Holly, Donny, & Preston. Holly & Donny on vocals, Preston on keytar + DJ.

I first found out about them from our friend Emely. Actually saw them live for the first time opening for LMFAO. I thought they were pretty cool then, but didn't look too much into them. Recently, I went to a video shoot for their latest single, "Keep Up." Once I started doing a little more research, i though, holy schnikes these guys are so DGAF. Here's why:

straight out of 1990

Look at them. Do you see those colors??? They wear a lot of neon, reference the 80s/early 90s, old school video games, Back to the Future/DeLoreans a LOT, and generally seem to not take themselves too seriously. No one wears that much neon and gives a fuck. It's just not possible. Oh, and also: MERCEDES BENZ EMBLEM AROUND THE NECK. wtf.


According to the official Hyper Crush site, they are "three shit-faced extra terrestrials" who form the greatest electro-80s hip hop band:"
Donny “Ponyboy” Fontaine is a straight shooter who once won a trip to Reno Nevada in a James Dean look alike contest. Despite his uncanny looks he still has trouble with low self esteem at times. Donny began rapping in the summer of 56’ and has not stopped since. One of Donny’s greatest achievements was a freestyle battle he won at the country manor home for the mentally disabled. “As far as I’m concerned none of these retards stand a chance” said Donny prior to his landslide victory. (Side note: In an interview with you would if you had robot ears, Preston said, "DONNY HAD BEEN PRACTICING HIS METAPHORS FOR MONTHS. HE FACED ELI PORTER IN THE FINAL ROUND. DONNY BARELY ESCAPED WITH THE VICTORY AND HIS PRIDE.")
What would the greatest Doo-Hop group of all time be without a super Producer/DJ extraordinaire. His name is Preston “Cutty” Moronie, a cool customer on the computer buttons with a penchant for domestic violence.In an interview Preston once asked a reporter, "what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?" "What?" the reporter replied. "Nothin', you already told her twice," he yelled, as he strangled the broad next to him.
Donny & Preston first met in the fall of '62, during a fist fight at a local Denny's in the city of San Fernando. The two were involved in an altercation over what song was to be played over the jukebox. Preston wanted to hear some "Fats Domino" and Donny of course, insisted on "Martha and the Vandellas."
The waitress who stopped the quarrel was none other than Holly “Baby” Valentine. A big time hussie with a foul attitude and a mouthful of bubble gum. Holly was born in the jungles of South America but moved to the States after having killed several cops. With a voice like an angel and a mouth like a truck driver Holly hit it off perfectly with Donny and Preston. The three decided to start the doo-hop, electro, death-core super group “hyper crush”.

That sounds like some stupid shit that we'd make up.

old & DGAF (halloween 2009)

Some more DGAF evidence:

Exhibit A: water skating across a pool.

hi i'm preston and i don't give a fuck.

Exhibit B: jumping off a second story onto a bunch of people.

hi i'm preston and i (still) don't give a fuck.

Yes, that second video did happen during the shoot for Keep Up. I think events get shut down when people jump off things like that.

I don't know the context of this tweet at all:

Probably was just him thinking, "i don't give a FUUUUUCK!!!" but he only tweeted the last part of it.

come on, look at that neon Hulk Hogan shirt. he is so DGAF. Also, our pants kind of match.

Although I feel that the most DGAF thing about this band is the lyrics. Maybe you're one who doesn't listen to lyrics much. I sometimes don't pay attention to the lyrics and just listen to the music, but sometimes things will catch my ear. Things like:

What the fuck did he say? Walk back and punch the DJ. (Robo Tech)
She laughed, uh, she left me hanging/Holy Schnikes, I was mad! (Sex and Drugs)
Who the fuck is Hyper Crush?/I don't know, they're nice as fuck. (Who The Fuck Is Hyper Crush?)
Back to the crib you freak, freak/tell your mother to leave, leave/unless she wants it too, then it's cool, she can be with me. (She's a Freak)
I fucked around and got arrested/for looking great!/can you believe it, i'm conceited?/now look away. (747)
Shoot your homie in the foot 'til he starts to dance/slap him in the fucking mouth just as hard as you can/when he asks you what you're doing, say 'i'm super retarded/i know that you're my homie but i'm shooting regardless.' (Super Retarded)

and probably my favorite:


I don't even understand.

he's got some mad rhymes, yo.

and now here's a bunch videos just because they're amusing:

"We don't really know shit."

"We have people behind us, but it's ok, because we gotta get the city." Stopped on a freeway in Seattle. At least you're not stopping traffic in the middle of Hollywood Blvd.

Yeah, we wear our own shirts.

Getting busted in Mormonville, Idaho while playing Sex & Drugs.

They make it rain.


Download their shit:
Mixtape Vol 1
Mixtape Vol 2

They're so DGAF, we decided to make a little dgaf mashup...
Download/listen to our shit:
Big Boom Box Comin' - Hyper Crush vs. Crookers

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warped Romance

Happy belated MLK Day!

To celebrate, DGAF have made our first mashup of the year, called Warped Romance. Check out our Facebook page or download it here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Boring is the new DGAF

On the night of 1/13/2010, CMYK ventured out to CulCi (that's Culver City, for you squares who don't know) in Suz's pimpin' new car to the Mandrake for an Otis party. The theme was "Boring is the New Fun," a party to get used to boring office life. The party was organized by the Advanced Image Making class taught by Davey Whitcraft at Otis College of Art & Design.

DJ don/Van Aerial/half of Loco Moco

Our friend Don was DJing that night. Him and his friend Roger joined forces to become "Loco Moco." Our friends are stupid. But they play good music.

Roger (aka Moco)

We make stupid faces at each other

Pierre Real, aka DJ Real was also DJing that night.

DJ Real

fun times

Suz is enjoying herself

There was also a food truck, the Komodo Truck. Food was really legit, very tasty Asian fusion. They are short on vegetarian options, but it is really delicious. We tried their chicken burrito, which was a little bit sweet and citrus-y.

Suz is enjoying her food

Oh yeah, back to the party. It was a good vibe with good music. They had a camera set up, along with a few office props.

Jacob taking photos


and a projection of Office Space


Overall, it was a fun night. It was nice seeing people from Otis having fun for once.



more photos

nerding out

the Davey Whitcraft (aka DJ Spider Pretzels)

For more photos, check the set on flickr.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DGAF Profile #7: Phra of Crookers

The "Crookers! Phra and Bot!" Edition

UPDATED 1-20-10

This profile should have been done last year. We talked about giving Phra a DGAF profile, but somehow it didn't happen. So we've awarded him the first DGAF profile of 2010. There's not a whole lot we know about Phra, who is one half of DGAF DJ duo favorites Crookers. But then, there's not much to say about him either, because we think these videos more than speak for themselves:

Save time and go to 1:10, 5:05, and 6:30...

He can cook like a chef, rocks a pink polo shirt like nobody's business, and started off as a hip hop DJ at 11 years old! It doesn't appear that he'll blow you off if you approach him, no matter how drunk and obnoxious you are (as witnessed at the Custom Hotel after Hard Summer in August 2009). If you've seen Crookers DJ, you'll have even more evidence that he's DGAF. But we're pretty sure you haven't heard him rap. Yes, rap. He can rock the decks AND mic with equal DGAF.

His Twitter name is also Phrappuccino. PHRAPPUCCINO. As you can see we're not making this up. You sure as hell won't find that at your local Starbucks. I think he should do a rap album, and maybe it could be called "phRAPpuccino".

But what kind of name is "Phra"? We assumed it was short for "Francesco", his real name, and spelled with a "ph" for fun (phun?). But on further investigation, we accidentally found out on Wikipedia that "Phra" was a Thai title of nobility and royalty! It was probably intentional, but even if it wasn't, that doesn't make him any less DGAF.

No wonder the upcoming Crookers album is going to be called "Tons of Friends". Who wouldn't want to be friends with someone that DGAF?

Monday, January 11, 2010

some people think i'm DGAF...

I never believed the hype surrounding Dizzee Rascal until he collaborated with Armand Van Helden and wrote quite a DGAF manifesto...

... in fact, I believe this song kind of sums up everything about DGAF right now.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time after time, I told myself...

That I wasn't gonna lag. (I never had anything to lose. I also checked myself, just to make sure.) That was 2009. We mean it this year. We're a week into 2010, friends and enemies. It's a new year, a new life, a new car for the Suzanarchist. No more waiting MONTHS after an event to blog about it. A few days is acceptable. A few weeks is pushing it... but months is unprecedented. No more waiting and then doing like 10 blogs at once to catch up. We're DGAF, but that's not the kind of DGAF we're aiming for.

This year we're gonna be DGAF more regularly, and that means blog more regularly. We've already booked some adventures for the next few months... and we know this is going to be the most DGAF year yet. The DGAF crew has some projects up our sleeves... be afraid. Be very afraid. CMYK are set to make our DJ debut this year (for real this time), with possibly a single, or a few, or an EP, or an album or two??? Who knows. And the Suzanarchist will start work on her new website/design project which is a collaboration with Shimosh's photography. The circle is breaking and is continuing to multiply in various patterns.

The future is now. The future is DGAF. We're doing it again in '10.

I can do it anNYway that you want it...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Black Hole Son of a Bitch

People not in the DGAF circle may not be very aware of our many inside jokes about Soundgarden. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg:

So New Year's wasn't as stupid as expected. However, this is another case of a joke misfiring... as something unexpectedly stupid beyond our comprehension apparently happened on the fateful first day of 2010...


It was one thing to get the "Jesus Christ Pose" single on vinyl for a joke Xmas present... but this? And what did my friend Leer Jet, who got me this aforementioned single have to say about this?

"We're there"

Oh, Jesus (Christ Pose) indeed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

They Don't Really Care About Us... but they really do care about the '90s

Wow. I have never seen MJ look more '90s in my LIFE. And he helped define the early '90s with "Dangerous". Does this remind anyone of a higher-budget, more commercial M.I.A. video? And couldn't you imagine this dry snare beat being mixed into a Major Lazer song? I TOLD YOU THE '90s ARE BACK! As if it wasn't apparent enough with Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, the Prodigy, and the Beastie Boys being dropped into what seemed like every other DJ set in '09.

Thanks to PB Wolf for exposing me to this video and RIP MJ <3

Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY 2010, everybody!

To celebrate the end of a ridiculous year and the beginning of another ridiculous year, CMYK + some DGAF friends went to see Chromeo & Peanut Butter Wolf at Club Nokia. 2009 was great, but in 2010, we're doing it again! The first song we heard as we went in was Skee-Lo's "I Wish", and we knew it was gonna be a night to remember.

The show started off with Gaslamp Killer, who has the best hair I've ever seen on a DJ. The way he was rocking out, our friend BJones commented "it looks like his hair's going to fly away." Dubsteppy and fun.

Then Vega hit the stage. The singer had a fro and a leather vest. He is full of inside jokes. Let's not forget that they looked like At the Drive In if they were a Jonas Brothers cover band. Ok, they weren't THAT bad. They were cute indie pop.

And then... PEANUT BUTTER WOLF. Sorry everybody, I love Chromeo, but this was the main event for me. After experiencing the magic of PB Wolf back in September at FYF, I was expecting nothing short of genius. Chromeo was a definite contender, but this was pretty much the deciding factor for me to ditch HARD NYE this year and go to Club Nokia. I waited in anticipation to end 2009 with PB Wolf... and let me tell you. He KNOWS how to end a decade.

Of COURSE he starts off with Serge Gainsbourg, as if he saw Shimosh's "I Love French Boys" t-shirt. We all laughed and stared at the video projection in disbelief. But when Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us" suddenly popped into the mix with no warning, I was awestruck. When ODB came in out of nowhere, I swear I almost broke out in tears. I mean I'd witnessed 2ManyDJs mix Dolly Parton into Slayer... but this was on another level for me.

And so he began his onslaught of hip hop videos, from old skool to '90s and '00s, while still somehow managing to fit Flight of the Conchords, Phoenix, and the Cure into the mix! (And by the way, did anybody notice that Modjo probably got "Lady" from the very first verse of Michael Jackson's "Working Day and Night"?) DAMMIT! I realized I should have requested DMX's "Up in Here" when he was requesting videos for this NYE show on Twitter!

During PB Wolf's set, a very small child came out on stage. His name is Miles, aka Baby Boogaloo. Maybe you've seen him on Ellen, but he's an adorable and tiny dancer! He was actually on stage for FYF but we could barely see him from where we were standing. Check those terrible videos I took with my phone...

Miles, aka Baby Boogaloo

look at him go!!!

Miles & his daddy

Sorry for the terrible quality. But regardless, it was a treat! Baby Boogaloo is DGAF!

And again, PB Wolf ended his set with Wu-Tang's "Triumph". Another tear in my eye... but once the projections stopped and the screen was put away, he proved himself still a formidable DJ without the visuals. I could not have asked for a better finale to 2009. Thank you PB Wolf. What a way to countdown to 2010...












Yup, they brought on the non-stop dance party to kick off 2010 with a whole lot of 80's style funk... WOW!!! The 80's were 3 decades ago now! Who cares when Chromeo brings it, it never sounds outdated. Songs like "Tenderoni", "Fancy Footwork", and "Night By Night", have you almost wishing for a jheri curl revival (or is that just me?). And P-Thugg is the world talkbox champion, let's not even kid ourselves. We at DGAF are so glad we got to see them play live finally. They're pretty slick DJs, and again P-Thugg's talkbox is unbelievable during mixes, but they are a fun live party band!

Thee Mike B ended the night with a schizo mash-up of club hits, dance tracks, hip hop jams, and pop songs. It was the start of a new year, a new decade, and the finish of another exhausting night of dancing.

Now all 2010 needs is a Club DGAF.