Thursday, September 30, 2010


Remember this guy? Kavinsky is finally back in LA tonight along with Sebastien Tellier and others at the second annual Ooh La L.A. (aka FRENCHFEST 2010). Hope to see you lovely DGAF betches there tonight at the El Rey.

the french national bird is the cock.

We had a blast at last year's Ooh La L.A. festival and are super stoked that they've brought back Tellier and added Kavinsky. I don't know too much about Acid Washed or Turzi, and I'm lazy so i haven't researched them, but i hope i'll be pleasantly surprised.

Last year's Ooh La L.A. fest

Jamaica (formerly Poney Poney) at Ooh La L.A. 2009

check out the rest of the festival and tickets and lineups and other crap here: