Thursday, April 29, 2010


If the video is taken down, you can watch it here.

Controversial, shocking, whatever. You've probably already seen it and discussed it. M.I.A. gets more DGAF every time. Her new song is a surprisingly dark, almost psychedelic soundscape; ominous and catchy at the same time. The video is strikingly voyeuristic yet is somehow much more integrated and less detached than most videos with regulation lip-synching, choreography, and performance footage. It's a different kind of theatrics, and far more effective.

M.I.A. fucking means it.

Can't wait to see her in July at HARD!


Ed Banger DJ's, free beer, cookies, mini-cupcakes, and pizza on a sunny afternoon. Whoever can think of something better wins a prize.

Busy Pizza Party

They TOTALLY planned to match. I don't care what anyone says.

Gettin' down with Busy P

Even Jesus showed up!

Jesus Christ, Breakbot!

Gaspard: no Justice, no peace

Brian Bell, what the hell?

Ed Banger KILLS it every time.

It doesn't matter if it's at a small club, at a festival, or at a Cool Cats pop-up store like the one at Barracuda on Melrose... Ed Banger know how to bring the party and keep it DGAF. They even brought the Dubstep this time, FUCK YES.

Apparently they're going to be back in LA next week, stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


WOW! It's been quite a hectic 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay. We won't be caught up for a bit.

But let's go back to April 15, shall we? It's the dreaded income tax filing deadline here in the US. Now don't get me started on that... but I'm referring to the Down & Derby Roller Disco to the Echoplex that night where we had the honor of seeing a Yelle DJ set. We had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into, as usual.

Now I personally don't understand why you would want to rollerskate inside a club (ok, most of it has to do with the fact that I can't actually skate, but it would also drive me nuts not really being able to dance) but I found it surreal and hilarious. I didn't even think roller discos were real, or at least in these past few decades. There was nothing more amusing than being in a crowded club where everyone was extra tall and rollerskating and occasionally eating shit. Alcohol not only causes drunkenness but slippery floors so I guess that's why they make you sign a release before going in.

This proved how good of an idea it was not to bring Shimosh's camera inside. This is why there are no photos, sorry.

Everybody knows that Yelle is DGAF. We don't really need any more evidence. Julie is incredibly sassy and quite the badass. She's cute but at the same time has got way too much swagger for her own good. She's got the skills to both sing and rap about whatever the fuck she wants, including small dicks. And let's face it, songs in English are getting boring. If she's not DGAF, I don't know who is. Shimosh talked to her before their set and she was really nice!

It was a Yelle DJ set, so Julie only performed a few short but sweet songs. "Cooler Couleur" off Crooker's "Tons of Friends" album was a completely unexpected opener. But you had no idea (or probably do, if you know me or follow the blog) how fucking happy I was. They KILLED it with "Je Veux Te Voir", which had the whole place dancing and probably falling over on their skates. Julie's delivery is spot-on, she's got flow and a deceptively pretty voice spiked with a dose of attitude. You can tell she's a genuine performer.

But what I wasn't expecting at all was Grandmarnier. Holy fuck. I had no idea. I could tell he was a dope DJ, he was dropping some pretty sick tracks like Sidney Samson's "Riverside", M.I.A.'s "Pull Up the People", Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat"... but I had no idea that I was about to get my mind blown. Ok, haha, he was dancing a little bit, that was cute. Whatever, Julie was getting the crowd way more pumped with her energetic moves and she even went into the audience and danced with everyone in the front, which was a fun, awesome surprise.

It stared getting ridiculous when he grabbed a mic and started to tell everyone in the audience to imitate a sound effect that was in a song. Nobody was really getting it, but he kept persevering until people eventually did.

I was cracking up. Suddenly he was doing shit like spinning around slowly while clapping and swinging his arms around and making Tecktonik gestures and playing air piano and he was even doing butt dances where he bent over and started shaking it... I had never laughed so hard during a DJ set in my life. There were seriously times I could not get myself to dance despite the tracks being good.

Things were getting out of control, Grandmarnier was singing along to tracks and generally not giving a fuck. He ran over and picked up Julie and swung her around and started tapping a beat on her. He would get on the mic to say random shit, like he somehow felt compelled to ask the crowd if we liked Lil Jon when he started playing one of his tracks, and then another time started asking everyone if they had water bottles???

He once psyched the crowd into thinking he was going to climb on the table, but I almost thought I was going to die when he did a stage dive. I don't think he gave a fuck that there were not enough people, and that most of them were on skates!!! The expression on his face was priceless! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. For a second it almost looked like he was going to get dropped on the floor, but luckily enough people came to his aid and he got back on stage safely. But then he decided to celebrate by doing Tecktonik moves across the entire stage. At this point I couldn't take it anymore and thought I had to go home.

The set ended with him telling us a new album was coming out this year... and I was done for the night. I didn't know if I was more tired from all the dancing or all the laughing. I had no idea what had just happened, except for the fact that Grandmarnier had won DGAF for the night. Or for the year. We've seen some pretty DGAF DJ's... but this was on another level. I also don't remember see Grandmarnier drinking anything but water. He was probably completely sober. I really don't know anymore.

All I know i that Yelle is DGAF and DGAF <3 Yelle! Thanks for making us dance and laugh!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why blog when you can go out...


Caught by the Cobrasnake

Sorry for the delay, peeps. Reviews and a new Babylon Pink remix are on their way. But unfortunately not in time for Mixin' Monday. CMYK had better get used to this lifestyle. And not getting the LA sign backwards in photos.

Saturday, April 24, 2010



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lag Patrol

Sorry we're lagging a bit on the Yelle DJ set at the Echoplex review, people. But CMYK have been unexpectedly busy doing taxes, working on remixes, playing parties, celebrating birthdays, and going out consecutive nights for over a week. So this time we do have excuses for lagging, but it still doesn't make it acceptable. Because we're nowhere near Eyjafjallajökull.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HAPPY 4/20!

It's Tardy Tuesday! Hey, what did you expect, it's 4/20! Here's a smokin' remix of Donso's "Mogoya", done for a Fairtilzer contest. You know where you can find it: on our Facebook page or download it here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

BP vs. DGAF pt. 2

It's a low key Mixin' Monday! We've released another Babylon Pink remix of "Stutter" from our vault. You know where you can find it: on our Facebook page or download it here.

Check out Babylon Pink on his Myspace or Soundcloud.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Off the Ten was off da chain!

If you're looking for a backyard show with good vibes, good peeps, and good music, look no further than... Baldwin Park? Yes, the DayKare consistently hosts fun, safe, all ages shows for everyone to enjoy. Leave your drama, your booze, your drugs, and douchiness at the gate. Everybody's here to play music, listen to music, and be DGAF.

For those who don't know, the DayKare is John's house. John is in the Stoned Koalas and he is generous enough to let bands play and hang out at his house. It's a few bucks to get in but all of that goes towards pizza that everyone gets to share. Snacks and drinks are already provided for free. But why is it called the DayKare? Because there's a room in the house that's used as an actual day care for kids, and for these shows, the day care room is used as the backstage area/bathroom.

We definitely think this was the best lineup the DayKare has had so far. (Well, one band in particular did bring more comic relief than anything else but we'll explain that later.) It was also the best organized and also ran very smoothly. There were 2 stages (the tent in the driveway and the garage) which worked out really well in terms of efficiency. And hell, there were cool red, green, and blue lights in the garage that just looked like a total trip. One of the best things about Day Kare shows is the diversity and inclusivity of bands from all parts of southern California. It's not just exclusive to one one scene or genre.

Junket claimed her voice was messed up due to being sick or something, but none of us heard flaws in her singing. All we heard is her genuine songwriting skills and nice melodies. A pretty impressive opener.


Nobu Albatross is something else. The definition of a real musician. He played percussion on his guitar, made the strings sound like a drumroll at one point, and played his mind-blowing "blumenco" (blues and flamenco) style while working a high hat and a maraca that was attached to his guitar. A total show stopper. And done with absolutely no ego.

Nobu Albatross

Kylie from Jolene's Leftovers completely rocked her solo set. She has stage presence and a punk energy despite only being armed with an acoustic guitar. She's got good original songs and the fact that she covered Tori Amos, the Dresden Dolls, AND the Proclaimers' "500 Miles" makes her very DGAF, indeed.

Kylie from Jolene's Leftovers

Now there was one band who shall remain unnamed. This band must have taken an hour and a half to set up, and they'd brought a sound crew, roadies, and a fucking professional CAMERA CREW. Nothing against Off the Ten, but this wasn't Coachella. And this wasn't even a signed band. All this hassle, and they only played maybe four songs. They didn't bring a single fan, however, and every single member of their crew was too cheap to pay THREE BUCKS to get in. They had all that money for all that expensive equipment, and not a few bucks to contribute to the show. They split after attempting to get people on their mailing list and pass out a business card or two. Good Charlotte! OOPS! I mean, good riddance!

The Stoned Koalas, the hosts of Off the Ten, always know how to bring the fun. They're enjoyable, energetic, and play music because they love music. Mad props, guys, for setting up a good show and playing a good show yourselves!

Stoned Koalas

Stoned Koalas

On the 5 are just plain sassy. They rock out, make you dance, make you smile. Without a question one of my favorite bands from the South Bay right now. Every show I've seen has been consistently legit.

On the 5

Aftergloam are a group of tight musicians who play awesomely heavy riffs and have a sick rhythm section. They had me from the get go. And anyone who can actually pull of a sweet cover of Nirvana's "Aneurysm" is pretty DGAF.


The Philosophies were a cool, solid band to listen to until the cops showed up. RIGHT IN BETWEEN A COVER OF MGMT'S "KIDS". COME ON BALDWIN PARK PD. SHOW SOME FUCKING CONSIDERATION. COULDN'T YOU HAVE WAITED UNTIL AFTER THEY FINISHED THEIR SET??? (Apparently they'd waited about 20 minutes until taking any action because they liked what they'd heard, and rightfully so!) The show had to be moved inside into the DayKare, and we were left hanging with an abruptly unfinished MGMT cover. DGAF salutes the Philosophies and we'd definitely like to catch you guys again.

The Terrapin are just straight out epic and psychedelic, no doubt about it. It actually worked in their favor, I think, to play inside the Day Kare. It was an odd setup, but their projections showed up strongly and eerily on the white walls. It certainly made the experience more interesting and surreal, which was totally a happy accident.

The Terrapin

IE is quite the DGAF badass. She has nothing to hide behind, and gets up and just does her thing. Her only weapons are her relentless beats, her voice and a mic, and her ferocity brought the house down. I was pretty inspired.

CMYK were just plain stupid.

All in all, we laughed and danced til we cried. We can't wait for the next DayKare show! Thanks to John from the Stoned Koalas for making it happen!



Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Mixin' Monday!

It's been a while, right?

So we had a fun time at Off The Ten music fest at our friend John's house, aka The Daykare. This is our set from Saturday!

OFF THE TEN by cmykdgaf

And since it's been a little while, here's an updated version of Stutter (CMYK remix)!

Stutter (CMYK Remix) by cmykdgaf

hope you enjoy the tunes ;)
stay tuned for a review of saturday's off the ten music extravaganza!