Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sorry this is a little late... but we here at DGAF spent our Memorial Day Sunday remembering how DGAF Prince was at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery... WAIT. HOLD ON. Before you start any vicious online rumors or frantically googling Prince to find out if he's part of one of the many celebrity casualties of 2010... as far as we know, Prince has NOT passed away. But he already has a legacy which is also alive and well... and what better way to celebrate that with a screening of Purple Rain!

If you've never seen Purple Rain, or if you've only seen it on a TV screen... in my opinion, there is only one way to see it, and that is a screening. It doesn't matter if it's at an independent theater (how we first saw it) or at an outdoor event like this; a big screen is the only way to capture its decadent glory. The vibe that a legion of Prince fans brings to it isn't too shabby either.

But what made this screening even better was the legit sound system!!! The performances alone make this movie, and hearing the classic songs blasting from big, professional speakers was nothing short of epic (and it made the cheesy dialogue funnier too!). I mean, this was the closest a lot of us will ever come to a Prince concert... and is the only consolation for those of us who had to miss his shows back in his heyday.

But make sure you show up super early to a Cinespia Hollywood Forever screening... it takes a bit to find street parking (which is free and well worth it) and also, Santa Monica Blvd. gets packed. We ended up waiting in line for about an hour as well, so we had to end up sitting at the back, which would have been ok if there weren't so many damn people standing up or walking around and blocking our view. Come on, people, didn't you come here to WATCH Purple Rain?

But how could this screening have been even MORE badass than it already was? An appearance by Dam Funk and Peanut Butter Wolf, of course!!! They were spinning all kinds of obscure and old skool Prince tracks before and after the movie. They really know their shit! We even joined in a little post-Purple Rain dance party.







Can any other movie screening be this DGAF? I don't know... you can't really top Purple Rain AND Stones Throw DJs.

Friday, June 11, 2010

tiger style

... Or are they?

Here's the big debate of summer 2010. Well, for me at least...

You see, Wu-Tang is a way of life. One of the most conceptual music artists of all time are back to perform their classic "Enter the 36 Chambers" album in its entirety. Sounds like a dream come true. Well it is... kind of. So why am I not as excited as I should be?

Well, first is the obvious: no ODB. I have no idea how much his son can pick up the slack. I mean, it's fair compensation... but there was only one ODB and there only could have been one. Just because you're a blood relative doesn't mean you're as DGAF. I don't know, maybe he is. But ODB to me is just irreplaceable. Am I being too skeptical?

If I am, maybe it's because... well... real talk... Wu-Tang, when I saw them at Rock the Bells in 2007, were a pretty disappointing and disjointed live act. They were all over the place, totally not cohesive, and ultimately could not get it or themselves together to pull of a solid live show... I mean, they didn't even finish songs. They played my favorite song of 36 Chambers, "Da Mystery of Chessboxin", and it was cool but I wasn't as blown away as I thought I would be. I don't know if it's ego or if they just started being DGAF in the wrong kind of way. Curiously, A Tribe Called Quest is billed over Wu-Tang. Could it because Wu-Tang got a reputation for being underwhelming live?

So this is why I'm a little hesitant to buy my ticket... I'm a little broke right now and I know I'll get my money's worth from the rest of the lineup, but if I buy a ticket, it would be for Wu-Tang and I'll feel ripped off anyway if they don't deliver. To be continued...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby, I'm DGAF

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) - HD from Ed Banger Records on Vimeo.

Leave it up to an old school medium like watercolor to push the art of music videos forward. Let's face it, it's an art form that stalled in the late '90s... you might have noticed that most of them from the past decade, especially mainstream ones, still follow a formula that hasn't evolved much since the pre-millenial end of MTV's heyday. But it's dope ass shit like this that gives me hope... or maybe it's just the sight of Breakbot with a keytar.

Breakbot, I'm Yours.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dino P

DJing for a bunch of little kids and jumping up and down in a dinosaur costume? pretty DGAF, Busy P.