Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Club UnderGAF

adorable bands edition


A while back, we took a DJing class and our teachers were these really cool cats who happen to run a weekly music event on Fridays at The Echo called Club Underground. CMYK made a trip out on Friday night and (despite getting in a bit late because SOMEONE (Shimosh) forgot their wallet at home) had a blast. The vibes are good, and the music is great. Sweater Girls won us over with their absolutely adorable indie pop sound. 

Sweater Girls

Sweater Girls

Sweater Girls

The Secret History

The Secret History

The Secret History

Djs Diana and Larry

Check out Club Underground every Friday night at The Echo, on Sunset. They'll keep you dancing all night with everything from M.I.A. to Daft Punk to Yelle to Dee-Lite to of course a healthy dose of Britpop. And with delicious $4 pizza slices from Two Boots actually served in the venue, you've got a winning combination!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


"stupidest-post-ever" edition

Happy ONE YEAR DGAF-VERSARY. we've kept this blog going for a year already. wow. To celebrate, we want to share something very stupid and dear to us. That would be one of our good friends, Don.

Don was our DGAFriend of the year of '09 and things definitely would not have been so DGAF without him in '09 or '10. He often comes to events with us and there's never a dull moment between his witty commentary and his willingness to mess with the drunks and druggies. Not to mention this kid has major talent in the music production department. See this post for more deets.

Don with a drunk

Don with another drunk

Don drunk (not really)

Fun times with Nabil Linus and Don.


what even...

Don doesn't approve of such rude behaviour, Suz.

I think we already have a winner for DGAFriend 2010...

So for all the stupid times and stupid pictures, we salute you, Don. One year of DGAF and counting.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

HARD LA goes M.I.A.

But it's not over yet, because we still have HARD Summer with its expanded lineup AND WE CAN'T WAIT:

See you August 7th!!! It's gonna be a DGAF Summer... so let's keep on dancing!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

steppin' down

Nope, it's not Mixin' Monday yet. As a matter of fact, it's not Slacker Saturday or Sunday, or even Flakey Friday. We couldn't wait for the debut remix from Dreamcast (CMYK + Van Aerial). Our DGAFriend Van Aerial is 2 legit to quit.

Dreamcast - "Steppin' Up (HARD LA / M.I.A. Chaos Emerald Remix)" by cmykdgaf