Monday, June 20, 2011

Who Am I To Feel So DGAF?

Who am I???

On Saturday, March 26, 2011 MEN ( performed at the Echoplex. For those of you who are unaware, JD Samson & Johanna Fateman of Le Tigre collaborated on some music and that music became MEN. The performing band consists of JD Samson, guitarist Michael O'Neill, and bassist Tami Hart (who has recently replaced Ginger Brooks Takahashi). We've written before on JD Samson but haven't mentioned much about the band.

So long story short: MEN are amazing. Go see them. Now.

No, I'm kidding, finish this article first. There's pictures!

Shimosh (sportin a MEN shirt!) + Laurie
Taken by the awesomely DGAF Laurie T.

Set Times

Bass Drum of Death

Psychic Friend

The night was opened by Bass Drums of Death & Psychic Friend. I wasn't around for most of Bass Drums of Death, but I was really digging Psychic Friend—they are very cute indie pop/rock. The crowd seemed to be pretty into them, too.

MEN with connecting helmets

MEN without connecting helmets

MEN took the stage at about 11:30 and came out in helmets that connected them into a triangle. It was very cool & unexpected; they played for a few minutes with the helmets on. They did a very energetic, fun set with songs from their latest album, Talk About Body. The crowd was super into it and they were really into it.

After playing an amazing set, the crowd was cheering and clapping and drunk girls were shouting "I LOVE MEN! I LOVE MEN SO MUCH!" After a couple minutes, they came back out and played an encore song—a cover of Bikini Kill's Double Dare Ya. I was ecstatic! MEN covering Bikini Kill? Punk fuckin' rock!

MEN are coming back to Southern CA for Coachella in a couple weeks. Hope you Coachella-kids get a chance to check them out!!!

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